Website Upgrade

The Thurne Parish Council website was launched originally in Spring 2017. Since then the use of smart mobile phones and tablets to access websites has increased significantly. A full re-construction of the website was undertaken in November and December 2020 to deliver a fully ‘responsive’ website.

New features have been added by using posts with assigned categories which enable minutes of meetings and financial records to be more readily accessed. Categories currently in use are:

The number of posts in each category is shown in parentheses ().

Thurne Links is a main item on the navigation bar and provides a single point of entry to official and community links as well as the Events Diary. A form has been added to submit a request for a community event to be included in the Events Diary.

Please take time to explore the new look website – should you encounter any dificulties or have any comments please use this contact form.

In the near future, it is the intention that the website will be further upgraded to a secure site (https://) with an SSL certificate.